How to Promote a Doctor Online

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Wondering how to promote a doctor online? Below we share some of our best tips and best practices for promoting doctor’s offices online.

Online promotion and visibility is one of the cornerstones of marketing strategy for any business. Within the healthcare industry, the days of relying solely on referrals and insurance listings for new patients are waning. Now, more and more users are wanting to move away from generic insurance websites and find a doctor who truly champions their needs.

For this reason, it’s vital for doctor’s offices to be willing to step outside of their comfort zone and find fresh approaches to marketing their services. The healthcare industry has always been highly competitive, but with the increase in online services and related marketing, practices must be able to stay one step ahead.

So, where does a doctor’s office start with digital marketing? The best way to promote a doctor online are to go where the people — the potential patients — are. This means social media, online reviews, and a dedicated website.

Social Media Promotion for Doctor’s Offices

Promotion on social media is not only for lifestyle brands. In reality, social media offers a doctor’s office the opportunity to position themselves as accessible and relatable. After all, how many complaints do we all hear about aloof doctors who don’t seem to care about their patients? Here is an opportunity to show that you’re different.

Utilize Instagram to reach users who love content. This can include photos, case studies, patient testimonials, or general education. Hiring a digital marketing expert to consult on getting this started is recommended, as navigating the complex world of social media algorithms can be overwhelming to the average user.

Social media can also be useful for offering advice. Not everyone needs to or wants to visit a doctor at the first sign of trouble. Having a strong social media presence can be a way for a doctor’s office to offer reasonable advice and forge a connection with a potential future patient. An online presence does not detract from the physical office when done correctly.

Promoting a Doctor’s Office Using Online Reviews

If the office has not done so already, it needs to have a space for patient reviews. These reviews can be found on websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews. Establish a page for the office and invite current patients to leave a review.

Having a strong number of reviews will help the office show up higher when it is a part of a person’s search results. Yelp ranks businesses according to the ratings score, so there is strength in volume for this to be successful.

If the office happens to receive a negative review, be sure to reach out and attempt to resolve the issue. A negative review cannot be removed in most cases, but the business can make a public effort to correct any errors made.

Improve Your Website for Best Results

Having a functional, user-friendly, and informative website is also a foundational element of any business. For a doctor’s office, having a website can be convenient for users to find out more about the practice and its doctors. A website can also help the office’s online presence by having strong SEO, something that can be tweaked by a digital marketing expert.

Remember, the stronger your practice’s online presence is, across social media, reviews, and its own website, the more likely it is to show up in search results. This leads to more prospective patients and more foot traffic in the office.

Many doctor’s offices are still reliant on referrals for business, and this will not always be a reliable source of traffic. Businesses who are able to enter the digital marketing age and find a way to stand out from the noise will be the most successful and long-lasting.

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