Marketing Your Medical Practice: 3 Tips to Dominate the Local Search Results

Marketing Your Medical Practice: 3 Tips to Dominate the Local Search Results

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Online, doctors and dentists are two of the most sought after local professionals. With so many patients putting their trust in online search results to find the best local doctors and dentists, it’s no surprise that the highest ranking medical practices get the majority of calls.

This is great news for doctors and dentists at the top of the local search rankings, and this is especially good news for medical practices that have multiples doctors, dentists, or physicians that openly serve the public.

Why is this such good news?

Because medical and dental professionals can now dominate local search rankings with the high rankings for their practice and their physicians. Here’s how:

1) Take Advantage of Google My Business

Most businesses and professions are limited to one Google my business listing, but not medical practices. A medical practice with multiple doctors is allowed to create multiple GMB pages, increasing the number of pages available in local search.

For example, if your practice is XYZ Dental then you definitely should create and claim your local Google my business listing for CYZ Dental. However, many practices don’t know that they don’t have to stop there.

If your practice has 3 doctors that see patients; Doctor A, Doctor B, and Doctor C, then you’re also able to create / claim your GMB listings for each Doctor.

If you’re a small town practice that only has 3 dental offices, being able to have 4 listings (one for the practice and one for each of the three Doctors – 4 total) significantly increases your chances of dominating your local market.

See the example here where we able to help a client completely dominate their local market. They have their practice listed 1 and then 2 of their doctors listed below. When there are only 3 local spots available on page 1 of Google, having all 3 of the spots is something to be very proud of.

[screenshot of Elmhurst endocrinology]

We hid their name and information for a number of reasons but you can tell from the remaining information that this is the same business holding 3 of the 3 local “snack pack” listings.

3 tips to do this yourself:

– claim and optimize your Google MB pages for your practice and each Doctor. Be sure to add photos, complete the working hours, and add a unique description about the practice and each Doctor.

– make sure each Doctor has their own page on your website. Not a spot on the “meet our team m” page, we’re talking about a page dedicated to each Doctor or dentist. Make sure the content is at least 300

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