Questions to Ask for a Testimonial

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How to Ask for a Video Testimonial

As technology has progressed, businesses are learning that a great way to achieve a good testimonial is through videos.

Having video testimonials on your business’s website increases the chances that potential customers will engage with your business. Videos appeal to people because it doesn’t require much work on their part. When a potential customer reads a testimonial, it may require them to determine the tone of the person, or their age, and a lot more variables. With a video, all that potential customer has to do is sit back and watch (and hopefully relate).

PRO TIP: Don’t worry about technology or having fancy equipment to record your testimonial. Grab your phone, buy a cheap tripod and get going.

The Interview Approach to Video Testimonials

We recommend the interview approach because you want to guide your customer through the process. Most customers won’t be comfortable on camera so you need to hold their hand and keep them focused. The best way to ease their concerns and keep them focused is with structure and we do that with “The W’s” process:

  1. Ask who the customer is and where they are from: This allows for an introduction so that the potential customers know who they are listening to. It builds rapport.
  2. What happened: Covering what happened to this person that brought them to your business and what the business did to solve their problem allows for potential customers to get a taste of what this person experienced and an opportunity to relate.
  3. Why would they recommend your business: Explaining why a recommendation would be given highlights the benefits that your business has to offer. Ask the person, “why would you recommend us.” They should should respond with “I would recommend your business because…” and spill the beans about why your business is the one to choose.

Thank the customer and end the interview. A simple, straightforward process.

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