Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising (“PPC”)?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Facebook Ad Campaigns for CrossFit, Martial Arts, Dance, Gyms

Facebook Ads are currently generating great results at very low costs

The heart of any successful direct-marketing campaign is being able to attract the right audience at the right time. Pay-Per-Click advertising, or simply “PPC”, is a valuable part of most direct-marketing strategies.

Putting together a PPC campaign can be a lot like learning a foreign language. As effective as PPC can be, it’s not something that most local businesses can just “jump” into and effectively utilize. In order to maximize click-throughs and reduce costs-per-click (“CPC”), it’s recommended that you partner with a marketing team that has had success with PPC.

A pay-per-click ad is a targeted online ad that you pay for whenever your ad gets clicked. These ads are commonly the ones you see at the top of the search engines, as well as the majority of the ads you see on social media sites like Facebook.

Whether it’s a Facebook Ad or Google Adwords campaign, managing the keywords, target audience, call-to-action (“CTA”), and cost-per-click (“CPC”) is where our internet marketing specialists can really help your business. Our team provides the research and management needed to maximize your PPC campaign. Our goal is to help you see a return on your advertising investment.  

Facebook Advertising Campaigns for Local Businesses

In the past 3-5 years, Facebook has become arguably the most effective advertising platforms online. With Facebook Ads, local businesses are now able to market directly to their targeted local audience for a fraction of what it used to cost. If you’re looking for ways to quickly get visitors to your website or offer at a very low cost then you should consider using Facebook advertising.

Google Adwords Campaigns for Local Businesses

Google Adwords is an advertising platform that’s essential to helping you market directly to people searching for the products and services you offer. Google Adwords offers a variety of ad types and solutions to help local businesses that are just getting started and help established businesses continue to grow.

Pay per click ppc advertising for doctors, dentists, cosmetic surgeons

Google Adwords PPC Ad Placement

PPC Campaign Management

At Conversion Strategies, our PPC Management team can help:

  • Generate targeted local traffic and leads
  • Increase ROI (return on investment), reduce your marketing costs, and increase revenue
  • Ensure your brand is in front of the right customer, at the right time, and on the right device

A good pay-per-click advertising campaign needs to be managed on a consistent basis. You need someone who knows how to research and find the most relevant, local keywords to reach your target audience. You also need someone who is dedicated to changing, tweaking, and altering efforts as needed to achieve more desirable results. We are that someone.

At Conversion Strategies, we can plan your PPC campaign from start to finish, ensuring you get the results you desire. Contact us today to learn more about the PPC advertising services we offer and how we can help get you in front of your target audience.

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