The Complete Online Guide to Starting a Martial Arts School – Part Two

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On our previous post in part one of three series, we talked about planning, naming,  setup, logo, and a little bit of social media regarding building social presence while you’re still in the process of constructing your Martial Arts School.

On this post we will talk about all the information about Martial Arts website from the posting, renting vs. buying, etc.

So, Why You Need a Website?

A lot of people ask me if you have a facebook page why do you need a website?

There are many distinct things, and we have a great article that we could link to here “Website vs. Social Media which is more Important for Your Business?”

Between Facebook and Google+?

Google+ is a good example of a social platform that years ago was very popular, and then it crashed. So, anyone that built up an audience on those platforms, they can no longer access that audience it’s still active, but people aren’t really looking there. When it comes to Facebook and Instagram? They’re probably not gonna go anywhere anytime soon. But the idea is that when you wanna build an audience and a following having a website is a place that nobody can take away from you.

It’s because you have it on your server and everything is owned by you or by the company that you are paying for. It’ not gonna disappear tomorrow if Facebook sells the company or decides you no longer reach your audience unless you pay us more money. As these type of things are all controlled by Facebook so you really wanna make sure that you have a website.

Your website is a hub that you have a 100 percent control of, the design, the look, the feel, the flow that you send people to. Unlike Facebook, there’s a lot of stuff going on, and there’s a lot of destructions.

On your website, it’s all gonna be all about you!

All your marketing efforts should send people towards your website where you can control the opt-in process. You can control the flow of what they see, the images that they see, you control everything when it comes to your website. The website is extremely important as well for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO is gonna be an important part of your website. You can optimize social media so that when they optimized under the box, so you’re gonna see those show up when someone searches for your business on Google search result and the Bing’s results or the Yahoo search results wherever you’re searching.

Your website is typically going to rank higher because the search engines will know that this is the preferred place where the people can go to and get the most information about you.

Plus when they find you on the search engines then you know you can control the process of what you offer. Unlike on Facebook, you can’t control if you want to update and have a pop up with an offer you can’t-do that.

Another benefit of having a website is in addition to search engine optimization, addition to controlling the process, in addition to controlling the look and feel and everything about it, that you can also have multiple pages, which is also social media doesn’t always allow.

Like if you wanna schedule and highlight your About section and outline your programs, some platforms will allow you these on social media like Facebook, but you can’t really control the way it’s organized. While on your website, you can control the way it’s organized that’s another benefit of having your own website.

I’ve mentioned a little bit but the opt-in process on your website, you really gonna want some sort of opt-in, that is a special offer, for example, you can have a special offer for kids, and you can change it occasionally, but really it doesn’t need to be changed.

You should always be catching new people coming through this someone signs up the chance someone’s coming back to your website to check out the special offer is pretty low, but new people always be checking that out.

So, that’s something that you need to have.  A special offer that when someone, can’t read it, can’t get to the special offer page.

Let say, and you have a special offer box the right-hand side, they click yes, I want that special offer something pops up that says,  Get Our Special Offer! Or Updated Special Offer, Our Schedule, enter your name and your email.  -Things like that!

So what you’re doing is you’re not allowing them to access the special until they give you something in return, which is their contact information.

This allows you to follow up with them, add them into an email sequence a lot of things that we can talk about in the future but it really controls the process.

Once they get in, they enter their contact information like their name, their email address, maybe their phone number. Then they can get into the sales page. 

Once they’re in the right place, you can tell them what the special offer is, how limited it is, what the guarantee is and how they can sign up. 

You can also have them pay right on your website if you have it set up properly or you can send them to a payment page.

That’s the kind of stuff that can’t be done on a social media which is why it’s so important to have a website.

Website Renting VS Buying

In the Martial Arts space, there’s a lot of competitors and we’re one of them that recommends renting a website.

The reason is that we spent a lot of time and energy and resources in creating a layout that works and what we’ve done is made it simple for martial arts schools to take our template.

Take our website that we’ve created, rebranded it as yours and set it up as your own website and the flow is already set up. We know that people opt-in in the certain place. So as long as you follow that process, you know you’re gonna start getting opt-ins.

If someone’s gonna custom design, you don’t know if it’s going to work, they can say that it’s going to work, but if they don’t specialize in martial arts web design, then you’re not a hundred percent sure that it’s going to work.  

They might be offering to stick with you to work with, to make sure it works, but what is their opt-in process? Do they have a sales page, do they have a landing page that has payment terms on it? So, a lot of this things, if you’re working with the company that specializes in martial arts websites you’re gonna have these right off the box!

For example, with our offer, you’re not only gonna get:

1. A branded, 5 to 10-page website with unique contents.

2. A logo

3. Specific pages about your instructors

We also offer a couple of additional things like the opt-in process so that the pop-ups will capture leads like the name, email address, phone number of your prospective customers. We also offer a blog if you would like to grow your presence.

We also take care of a particular search engine optimization for you.

Depending on the package that you choose we also help set up emails, we take care of all the hostings, all the ongoing maintenance and any edits that you have.

One of the benefits of renting a website vs. buying is that the upfront costs are extremely lower.

So what this allows you to do is test out the design, if you come down to us and say you wanna test it out for the first three months. You can come test out our design. We’re gonna design it.

You might be out $500, or under if you go to somebody that goes, that’s gonna custom build the website for you, you’re gonna spend the same up front.

Let’s say you’re gonna spend $2000 to have this website custom design for you. If in three months, you decided that it’s not working not only that you have lost the opportunity of new customers. A new member that has come to sign up now, you also have lost the $2000 because you’re gonna need to go elsewhere.

Unless you can talk to the company to redesigning it for you.

Which if they redesign it for you there’s nothing to say that it’s going to work for another three months. You might have to pay for additional tools that they have special opt-in, you gotta pay for email, you gotta pay for the hosting. Plus have to pay for any maintenance or edits that go, like I say we put these all in package for you so that it’s convenient and it’s simple to use, and we become your digital marketing partner.

So that’s the huge benefit to have in rentals. In renting a website and you can call us and say I’m thinking of running some Facebook ads for example what do you recommend? We’re gonna be here to help you because we’ve helped other martial arts schools with similar processes.

So that’s when it comes to renting vs. buying you’re gonna save money. 

You’re guaranteed that it’s going to work. Most companies like ours will ensure their work.

Not to mention you get a bunch of additional tools. You don’t have to deal with the headache of hosting, of dealing with any of the maintenance and updates. And also gonna have a consultant on your team that’s going to help make sure that your digital marketing efforts are in line. 

Local SEO

Next, so after you’ve gotten your website up, you need to talk to with your provider. You can check and see if they offer this, depending on the package or you can do it yourself, but it’s really important from a local search engine optimization point of view they call this local SEO that Google realizes where you’re located and that you’re an authority.

So for example, someone’s if looking for Chicago martial arts if you’d google that put that on the google search bar and see what comes up? You’re gonna notice a map, and you’re gonna noticed three schools below it.

Now those schools are the most search engine optimized for the term Chicago martial arts. They also show up on the map, and these three schools are gonna get the most calls!

It’s important that in your local area that you are optimized for that to be one of the three schools that show up on the map.

All of our websites, for example, will come search engine optimized but there are some additional steps on a monthly basis that you can take to improve those search rankings. Now, that might be additional.

We have an additional SEO service that we provide but yourselves can do some of it.

So the first step is, building citations

A citation is the only anywhere on the website that has your name, the name of your business, your address, your phone number and then also your website. And this link to your website is very important because this is what gives Google authority to know that they should rank you higher than your competitors.

A citation, some of the most important ones are google my business for example.

So doing your is the listing or claim it. Doing this allows Google to put you in that map so that’s extremely important. There’s also one for Bing called Yelp is important, Facebook is important, LinkedIn is important, a LinkedIn company page, not just your personal page. There is yellowpages, there’s kudzu and a ton of others.

We have a resource here that you can download in order to kinda get a guide in creating those first listings. We also work with a company called Yext to do power listings and then what this does is it syncs and optimizes your profile across 60+ different directories and listings online including mapquest, apple maps and things like  that.

So, creating those citations if you do some competitive research you can look at like the three businesses in the local search results, what citations they have? And for example if the websites are exactly the same the content is the same, the theory is that the company with best most citations so there’s a quality and a quantity factor here, will rank above the other one.

And there are many factors involved, but citations is a big one. You wanna make sure that your name address and phone number on your website are all completely accurate and completely consistent across.

So, if you put “suite as “STE” then put “STE” instead of suite across all of the citations.

It is also important putting the www for example instead of You need to see which one your website is, those are two different websites in Google’s eyes.

Make sure to look at, type in your website your domain hit enter see where your website populates. If you look up in the bar and it shows up Then that’s the website that you need to share on all of your citations. If it doesn’t have the www, then exclude that www because this will make your citations inaccurate.

On our next post, we will be talking about how to market your business. So, we’ve done all the planning, and we have our website up and running, it’s time to drive some traffic on it.

If you need help putting up a unique Marketing Strategy for your Martial Arts School you’ve come to the right place. Please email me at for a FREE consultation.

Don’t forget to subscribe so we’ll notify you once the last part of this blog series is published.

Please share this with your family and friend you might find it beneficial.

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